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"Remains of Pain"

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"Last Breath"

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Home 2005

December 2004 – At the death/black metal charts from www.download.com, L.O.S.T. reached 1000 downloads, a record that also determined the listing of the band in the weekly newsletter of the website.

4 December 2004 – L.O.S.T. was invited at one of the main festivals in 2004: Super Metal Live 3 in Constanta, Romania, along with Magica, Avskild, Interitus Dei, Taine and Web (also Web's 6 years anniversary).

December 2004 – The band enters the death/black metal charts at www.download.com straight at number 5.

December 2004 - The 2 songs from the promo cd were aired on Radio Pro FM.

5 November 2004 – Debut show in Club A, Bucharest, along with and Enthrallment (BG). The promo CD was officially released with the participation of a record audience of almost 500 people.

November 2004 – The band was invited at Radio 3 Romania, where BB took part along with members from Taine and Avskild. The 2 songs from the promo cd were aired.

October 2004 – The band enters Recreate Studio to record a demo. The initial idea was to record 2 songs but due to some fortunate circumstances 5 songs came out. Only 2 songs were used for the promo CD Ziua ce vine (Ziua ce vine / Last Breath).

March 2004 – Vlad, Dragos and George decided to start a new band, apart from what they previously had done with Abigail for almost 10 years. In a few weeks BB joins the band and also decided for the name L.O.S.T..